Yieldz Protocol

Introducing Yieldz

Multi Layered real-yield DeFi ecosystem

About Yieldz

Yieldz is the first multi Layered real-yield DeFi ecosystem. Our mission is to provide a sustainable system and bring stability and long-term solutions for Defi investors. YIELDZ is also a multifaceted Ecosystem, innovative Stablecoin, and Core Farm.
We concentrate on investors who want to invest their assets safely and who are searching for a reliable source of income. We provided a multi-layered method to increase the predictability of Defi space.

What advantages does Yieldz offer?

The Yieldz structure aims to establish a setting where users can voluntarily choose to work together and initiate a development cycle that builds upon itself over time.
The multi-layered nature of the Yieldz protocol gives it an edge over competing DeFi protocols. With the help of our network:
  • We avoid pricing fluctuations and sharp reductions in APR.
  • You can obtain our bYZ token, a catalyst for our ecosystem, by staking the YZ token. You can access our double reward pool, which distributes the protocol fees, if you own a bYZ token.
  • We provide another service through which you can profit from your loyalty to Yieldz. With the help of our bonding mechanism, you may lock your stable currencies and earn greater fixed APRs by using our primary WCORE + SHDW pool.
To learn more about the Yieldz technique in detail, please read the sections below.
Last modified 6mo ago