Yieldz Protocol



Money security for customers is our top focus.
We have made investments in market-leading security procedures for our whole software development cycle and the infrastructure that powers our app. Lastly, we have sought assessment from outside advisors. Our internal procedures have been approved by a security specialist, and our smart contracts are now being audited.

Assuming responsibility

Consumers need to be conscious of the possibility that a software flaw in third-party protocols, such as blockchain networks and layer 2 solutions, might cause them to suffer losses. Regarding the security of software from third parties, we make no guarantees. We won't be responsible for any losses brought on by the usage of third-party applications. We advise customers to conduct their own research, such as reading security audits of the layer 2 solutions, blockchains, and third-party protocols they will be utilizing.

Own Security

To make sure that everyone on the team was following security protocols, our security professionals developed a schedule of internal checks and affirmations before to launch.
▪️ This included keeping track of and being the owner of all protocol secrets ▪️Setting up secure master passwords and two-factor authentication for each account ▪️Granting access to smart contracts and multisig wallets ▪️Keeping track of and having access to keys, and securely transferring sensitive information between team members.
The reduction of vulnerabilities is a top concern for Yieldz, and all team members must abide by the rules designed to protect the protocol and user money.